How to use the eye massager

How to use the eye massager: first clean the face, then put the eye massager on the eyes, turn on the switch of the eye massager, choose the mode you want to massage, so that you can massage the eyes normally Yes, it is more convenient to use.

How to use the eye massager

The use of the eye massager is relatively simple. Just put the eye massager on the eyes and choose the mode that suits you to massage. The eye massager is a kind of eye massager developed by combining the modern eye massage theory and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology. It can effectively improve eye blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, relieve visual fatigue, crow’s feet, prevent Myopia, amblyopia, dilute dark circles, dark bags and other symptoms, the effect is generally better after use.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Using an eye massager to adjust the eyes can prevent eyesight from being affected by fatigue. It is very helpful to the eyes, so the eye massager has always been loved by people.

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