What is moxibustion? what is benefits of it?

Moxibustion is a way of health preservation that many people like, and it is also a method often used by Chinese medicine to treat diseases. But there are many people who don’t know much about moxibustion. Today I will tell you what moxibustion is, what are the benefits of moxibustion, and what are the precautions for moxibustion.

What is moxibustion

Moxibustion stimulates certain acupoints on the body surface through the heat generated by the burning of moxa, and through the conduction of meridians, nerves, and body fluids, it stimulates and mobilizes the body’s internal disease resistance, strengthens the body, eliminates pathogenic factors, balances yin and yang, and dredges the meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the reason why people get sick is all because of the imbalance of yin and yang in the human body and the obstruction of meridians. The heat generated by the burning of high-quality moxa sticks will penetrate deep into the inner layer of the skin, resulting in the phenomenon of sensation along the meridians. Driven by the strong heat flow, the Qi and blood will break through the stasis point and make “Qi go to the sick place”, so as to achieve the goal of curing diseases and health care effect.

These are the main principles of moxibustion. Let’s look at the benefits of moxibustion together.

What are the benefits of moxibustion

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harmonize qi and blood

Qi is the source of life, and blood is the material basis. If Qi and blood are sufficient and the Qi movement is well-regulated, the life activities of a person will be normal; otherwise, the disease will occur. Moxibustion can invigorate qi, nourish blood, regulate qi mechanism, and improve middle qi to achieve the purpose of health care.

Wen Tong Meridian

Meridians are the pathways through which Qi and blood circulate in the human body. Unobstructed meridians are conducive to the circulation of Qi and blood and the distribution of nutrients. If pathogenic factors invade the meridians and lead to blockage, it will cause diseases. With the help of its warming effect on the skin, moxibustion warms the meridians of the skin, activates blood circulation and unblocks the collaterals, so as to achieve the effect of treating various diseases caused by cold coagulation blood stagnation and meridian blockage.

Regulate yin and yang

The balance of yin and yang in the human body is healthy, and the imbalance of yin and yang will lead to disease. Moxibustion can restore the balance of the imbalanced yin and yang.

Precautions for moxibustion

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Because the wind cannot be blown during moxibustion, please close the doors and windows before moxibustion, and the room cannot be ventilated. In summer too, there is no ventilation and no air conditioning.

Do not moxibustion immediately after a meal, only one hour after a meal, because you cannot moxibustion if you are too full.

Moxibustion is prohibited if the pulse exceeds 90 beats per minute; moxibustion is prohibited if you are hungry, full, or drunk; the abdomen and lumbosacral region of pregnant women should not be prohibited; moxibustion is prohibited on inflamed parts of the body.

Don’t be overly full or hungry during moxibustion, and don’t moxibustion if you are feeling sad, happy or angry. You should keep your mood calm and soothing.

If moisture appears on the surface of the acupuncture points during moxibustion, it means that the cold air in the body is discharged through the acupuncture points, and the cold air in the body is heavier, so moxibustion has played a role.

Do not wash your hands or take a bath with cold water within half an hour after moxibustion. After moxibustion, the capillary pores of the whole body are opened, making it easy to suffer from cold.

After moxibustion, drink more warm boiled water (never drink cold water or ice water) to facilitate detoxification, and the water temperature can be slightly higher. You can’t drink cold boiled water, even in summer. Helps the excretory organs to expel toxins from the body; do not take a bath immediately after moxibustion. The reason is the same as above. Under normal circumstances, moxibustion is performed after taking a bath. Or after moxibustion, wait a few hours before taking a bath.

Although moxibustion is good, it is not suitable for everyone. What diseases and conditions are not suitable for moxibustion?

Who is not suitable for moxibustion

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Patients who are overworked, hungry or mentally stressed should not be treated with moxibustion; in addition, those who are physically weak should not be too strong with moxibustion.

Moxibustion is not suitable for spontaneous bleeding or bleeding after injury, or skin infection, ulcers, scars and other parts; moxibustion should be used with caution in the eye area, neck area, chest and back.

Pregnant women and children with unclosed fontanels are not suitable for moxibustion.

Mental patients and other critically ill patients who are not suitable for moxibustion should also use moxibustion with caution.

Conclusion: If you feel uncomfortable or have minor physical conditions such as a cold, you can use moxibustion to recuperate. Moxibustion can also help us enhance our own immune function, etc., but it should be noted that it is best to drink a glass of warm water before moxibustion. Moxibustion is not allowed if you have just finished eating.

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